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A fully integrated supply chain available with us

Get the right product, at the right time and place and in good condition... This is what the customer can expect from us. This is why we have set up a logistics network which we consider to be one of the strengths of our business, on a par with our consultancy and production techniques.

We are always able to supply and distribute our products across the entire world. Our commitment to quality, our policy of constant investment and the performance of our teams make our supply chain able to be constantly improved.

Having this control over the supply chain, and a just-in-time and true value approach, allows us to gain our customers' trust in the long term.

Supply chain specialists

  • Labeling, upstream and downstream inventory management, by delegation for our customers,
  • Transportation and delivery to your production site in a timely manner, with a just-in-time approach if necessary,
  • Platform storage, control and guarantee of packaging, seamless and responsive handover of production units,
  • Organized teams making it possible to promptly take up fluctuations in workload throughout the year,
  • Full chain of electronic data interchange (EDI) with an entirely automated process.
  • Total familiarity with regulations, normative constraints, and Incoterms.